Yoga With Julia

Yoga With Julia
0422 617 840
Wakerley, Queensland
As a certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Julia teaches exclusively in the tradition of Svaroopa® Yoga.

Yoga With Julia

Svaroopa® Yoga is a gentle style of yoga that works with blankets and props, which allow poses to be held longer and with ease. The precise alignments in each pose create a release in the deepest tensions in muscles around the spine. Gentle adjustments let the body release into the pose without straining, providing core opening.

Each class includes a guided awareness, Ujjayi Pranayama (breathing practice) and carefully selected poses to open, soften and lengthen your spine and calm your mind, bringing a reduction in aches and pains, making it more comfortable to live in your own body. You may notice a change of pace in your body and mind from your first class.

This style of yoga is deeply nurturing and empowers you to learn to take care of your own body in a gentle and effective way.

Each time you open your spine with Svaroopa® Yoga, you unravel a deeper layer of tension, helping you to experience yourself in a new way, from the inside out.

About Julia

Julia has trained in Australia and the USA with Swami Nirmalananda, the originator of Svaroopa® Yoga. Julia is also an Embodyment Therapist. Her studies continue as a life long journey. Julia is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Australia

To learn more about Swami Nirmalananda go to
To learn more about Svaroopa® Yoga go to

Class times & location

DayTimeClass TypeLocation
Monday9am – 10:30pm
4:30pm – 6pm
7pm – 8:30pm
Tuesday9.15am – 10.45am
6pm – 7.30pm
continuing & Beginners
continuing & Beginners
Thursday9.15am – 10.45am
5.30pm -7.00pm
continuing & Beginners
These classes are much smaller so you get individual attention.

Classes in Wakerley are a maximum of 7 students.

Classes in Manly are normally a maximum of 15 students.

Due to the limited amount of students, you need to book to ensure your place.

Our morning group classes usually have a morning tea at the end of each block. This is a great way to get to know your yoga buddies.


Block of 6 classes: $108 ($18 per class)

Part of a block (1-5 classes): $19 per class (eg 4 classes x $19 = $76)

On a casual basis: $22 per class

If you do two classes in the same week, the second class is only $14.

There are no makeup classes carried over unless there is a space in another class in that same week.

Private classes

Julia is pleased to offer private classes.

Private classes focus solely on you. They are tailored to suit your needs, which could include learning poses for daily home practice, breath work or Embodyment Therapy.

Individual private sessions can help with deepening your own practice, be that at home or in class. Learning simple poses and understanding the propping and support for your body will help you to achieve the maximum benefits of spinal opening. You'll learn how to take care of your own body in a more effective way, from the inside out.

Svaroopa® Yoga uses Ujjayi Pranayama as its primary breathing practice. Ujjayi Pranayama is safe and effective breath work. Practiced daily, it can help your body’s natural healing ability to relieve stress and increase lung capacity. It’s great for quietening the mind and creating a more balanced way of being. The art of breathing well creates Happiness, Health & Harmony.

Ujjayi pranayama can help improve:

    • high blood pressure
    • asthma
    • allergies
    • coronary troubles
    • your immune system

    It also improves sleep, soothes your nervous system and calms both your mind and you body, improving your enthusiasm for life.

    Breath work and yoga can help to combat mild depression and anxiety by increasing the amount of oxygen reaching your lungs, blood and cells, having an uplifting effect. Each breath can potentially boost your immune system, by removing toxins (by flushing out your lymphatic system), improving the function of your heart and lungs.

    Embodyment Therapy is a hands on healing practice based on the principles of Svaroopa® Yoga. One hour of Embodyment Therapy is equivalent to doing five to six yoga classes.


    "During my 30s and 40s, I did various types of yoga, always striving for, and taking egotistical pleasure in, the greatest physical exertion and achievement. Consequently, when I resumed yoga classes again a couple of years ago (Svaroopa, locally, with Julia), I was a little wary of the "props". I must be older and wiser now, because my body, mind and spirit love the "supports". Unlike the other forms of yoga I practised in previous lifetimes (which were, of course, based on spiritual traditions), I find that the spiritual essence of yoga is strong and constant in Svaroopa teaching, and I find it so nurturing"



    "I have been attending Svaroopa Yoga for 4 years now. Before I began yoga, I wanted to find a way to manage my stress, as I have been a sufferer of migraines for over a decade. I was interested to hear that Svaroopa Yoga releases physical and mental tensions in the body. Since I began, the frequencies and severities of my migraines have improved immensely – not to mention the calmness of the mind and body from the blissful poses encountered. I highly recommend Svaroopa Yoga to everyone. It really does make a difference to your life and makes you feel amazing!"

    - Sandra


    "I have been practising Svaroopa Yoga for approximately 4 years and from the very first class with Julia I knew this was what I had been looking for! I attended the first class 'wanting to do some gentle exercise/stretching and improve the condition of my lower back'. I felt 'better' after the first class and have not had any real back pain for well over 18 months but I have enjoyed so many more incidental benefits including more stability in my lower back, increased energy, inner peace, an ability to quieten my mind and much more.

    The gentle style, supported poses, holistic approach and anatomically sound explanations regarding the benefits to all who participate simply make sense to me and motivate my commitment to this practice.

    Julia's passion, gentle encouragement and genuine desire for her students to experience the many beautiful benefits of Svaroopa Yoga are a unique gift to all who attend her classes. Namaste Julia and thank you."

    - Geraldine

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